LOCTITE®511™ is a 0.71mm 60/40 grade No-clean Residue Cored Solder Wire, made of Sn and Pb alloy. The Crystal™ cored wire is manufactured with a range of flux contents. Although users will normally be using products with a nominal flux content of 3%, the superior performance of the Crystal products may allow a lower flux content to be specified. This will further improve residue appearance by reducing the quantity.

It is designed for the locking and sealing of metal threaded pipes and fittings. The product cures rapidly when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • Fast soldering - Range of activities to suit all applications
  • Good spread on copper, brass and nickel
  • Clear residues
  • Heat stable, low spitting
  • Mild odour

Product Contains

1 LOCTITE®511™

Technical Attributes

Specific Gravity @25 °C,
Flux Type Halogen Free
Melting Temperature 183-188°C

Physical Attributes

Viscosity Medium, thixotropic
Technology Acrylic
External Diameter (Metric) 0.7mm
Weight (Metric) 500g

Practical Attributes

Application Sealing
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LOCTITE CRYSTAL 511 0.7mm 500g is suitable for badly oxidised surfaces and materials with inherently poor solderability