LOCTITE 7360 is a non-CFC, low odour, solvent-based formulation intended for the removal of uncured adhesive and adhesive residues used in the PCB assembly industry. The solvent is fully compatible with epoxy adhesives and will not
cause hardening during soaking.

LOCTITE 7360 is recommended for cleaning of stencils, screens and dispensing nozzles used to apply surface mount adhesives and for removal of adhesives from misprinted circuit boards.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • Suitable for uncured SM adhesives
  • Fully compatible with commonly used solder resists
  • Provides a clean surface for good adhesion and adhesive cure
  • 2.5mPas viscosity at 20°C

Product Contains

1 LOCTITE 7360

Technical Attributes

Specific Gravity 1.0832 @ 20 °C

Physical Attributes

Viscosity Very low
Colour Colourless
Technology Solvent Cleaner
Weight (Metric) 6.12kgs

Practical Attributes

Application Solvent for uncured SM adhesives
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LOCTITE 7360 500ml Surface Mount Adhesive Cleaner

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