LOCTITE X33S-07I is a mini fluxer pen. Multicore pen applicator is designed with a stainless steel spring-loaded applicator head that delivers a controlled amount of liquid to the work surface. To apply, gently depress the chiselled tip against the work surface to start the flow to the applicator head. The precision dispensing mechanism eliminates dripping, pooling and wastage or running on vertical and inclined surfaces. A new user-friendly method for pin-point application of flux or cleaning solvent on restricted or difficult to reach areas. Ideal for touch up, repair and light assembly of TAB, surface mount and high-density boards.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • Safe, quick and cost-effective
  • Simple, efficient and easy to use for difficult to reach areas
  • Replaceable tips
  • Promotes through hole filling on bare, passivated and lacquered copper finishes
  • Pen contains 10ml of liquid

Product Contains


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LOCTITE X33S-07I Resin and halide free, low solids and contains copper corrosion inhibitors. Leaves least residue.