LOCTITE MULTICORE NC-AA is a No Clean Desoldering Wick, designed for static-free desoldering and repair of PC boards without the need for subsequent cleaning. Multicore No Clean Wick uses a special halide-free vacuumised no-clean, flux-coated copper braid designed to improve wicking.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • Faster and Increased Solder Absorption
  • Heat Stable Coating
  • Wound on Static Dissipative Spools
  • PCBs will Meet MIL-P-28809A
  • Excellent Shelf Life Cleanliness Test without Cleaning
  • Negligible Residues which are Non-corrosive, Clear and Non-hygroscopic
  • Impregnated with synthetic flux, removing the need for cleaning
  • 1.5m length packed onto an anti-static reel
  • Wick is inherently anti-static, so lengths cut from reels are useable in anti-static environments

Product Contains


Physical Attributes

Colour Yellow
External Diameter (Metric) 1.42mm
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LOCTITE MULTICORE NC-AA 1.42mm x 1.5m No Clean Desoldering Wick