LOCTITE® 382™ is designed to use with TAK PAK®
Accelerators to attain instant cures for tacking electronics
components. Typical applications include wire tacking to coil
forms; tamper-proofing adjustable components; mounting
standoffs, edge guides and stiffeners to circuit boards.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • General purpose gel
  • Suitable for rubbers and metals
  • Suitable for plastics and polyolefins with Primer LOCTITE 770 or 7230
  • Fixture time 20-40 secs.

Product Contains

  • 1 LOCTITE® 382
  • 1 LOCTITE® 7455

Technical Attributes

Gap Fill 0.15mm
Fixture Time 20-40 sec.

Physical Attributes

Colour Ultra Clear
Technology ethyl

Practical Attributes

Key Substrates Rubbers, Plastics and Metals
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LOCTITE 382 is a single part, fast curing high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive formulated for electronics applications.

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