All Kolver screwdrivers work in combination with a control unit acting as an AC to DC transformer and torque controller. The electronic control circuit cuts the power supply to the motor as soon as the pre-set torque has been reached.

The EDU1FR control units for FAB and RAF screwdrivers feature a maintenance free state-of-the-art electronics with no wearing components. Additional features: slow start (0-2 sec), adjustable speed (60% to 100%) and visual indicators (green–red) for power on/off and clutch action.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • Maintenance free with no wearing components 
  • Slow start (0-2 sec)
  • Adjustable speed (60% to 100%)
  • Visual indicators (green–red) for power on/off
  • Clutch action
  • In: 90-230V ac out: 18-27V dc - power 120VA - slow start and adjustable speed

Please be aware you need an appropriate Kolver control unit to be able to power the torque driver.

General Attributes

Model EDU 1FR

Physical Attributes

Dimensions mm 138 x 118 x 67
Weight kg 0.6

Practical Attributes

For Screwdrivers FAB,RAF and KBL Series
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Kolver EDU1FR POWER SUPPLY Single output, slow start & adj. Speed

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