All Kolver screwdrivers work in combination with a control unit acting as an AC to DC transformer and torque controller. The electronic control circuit cuts the power supply to the motor as soon as the pre-set torque has been reached.

The EDU1FR control units for FAB and RAF screwdrivers feature a maintenance free state-of-the-art electronics with no wearing components. Additional features: slow start (0-2 sec), adjustable speed (60% to 100%) and visual indicators (green–red) for power on/off and clutch action.

The EDU1FR/SG controller features additional circuits wired to one connector in the backpanel: output 24V for torque reached and lever signals; input: start and reverse contacts.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • Maintenance free with no wearing components
  • Slow start (0-2 sec)
  • Adjustable speed (60% to 100%)
  • Visual indicators (green–red) for power on/off
  • Clutch action
  • Additional circuits wired to one connector in the backpanel
  • Output 24V for torque reached and lever signals
  • Input: start and reverse contacts

Please be aware you need an appropriate Kolver control unit to be able to power the torque driver.

General Attributes

Model EDU 1FR/SG

Physical Attributes

Dimensions mm 138 x 118 x 67
Weight kg 0.6

Practical Attributes

For Screwdrivers FAB and RAF Series
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Kolver EDU1FR/SG CONTROL UNIT same as EDU1FR bu with remote start & torque signal