Kolver electric right angle screwdrivers and nutrunners are used for easy access in hard to reach applications, for low noise and vibrations, for minimum reaction torque to the operator even at high torque level. FAB and RAF series are available with a wide torque range, with different speeds for different assembly requirements. The electronic control circuit of their control unit cuts the power supply to the motor in response to the clutch action, as soon as the pre-set torque is reached. Standard with ESD-safe housing, lever start models are compatible with the ANG HD8 angle head (for FAB screwdrivers) and ANG HD9 (for RAF screwdrivers). Visit FAB and RAF pages for all the details.

The PLUTO angle nutrunners are ideal for demanding applications where accessibility is a critical factor. Fully electronic torque control system, manually set by push buttons on the controller, to shut the tool off automatically once the preset torque is reached. The light weight, very low noise level and the wide range of torque make it a true alternative to pneumatic systems.

PLUTO ANG screwdrivers are available in TA (torque & angle) version too.

IMPORTANT: Continuous use over 80% of torque range is not recommended.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • For easy access in hard to reach applications
  • For low noise and vibrations
  • For minimum reaction torque to the operator even at high torque level

Please be aware you need an appropriate Kolver control unit to be able to power the torque driver.

General Attributes


Technical Attributes

Controller EDU2AE
Torque Nm 3.0-18.0
RPM Max 200
RPM Min 60
Output Sq 3/8

Physical Attributes

Housing Option Aluminium Body with Start/Reverse buttons and Angle Head
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Kolver PLUTO20ANG same as PLUTO20CA but with angle head attached, 60 - 200 RPM