CA screwdrivers are designed for automated and fixtured applications.

The PLUTO CA/FN2 series incorporates the PLUTO DC-controlled electric screwdriver design, supplied in a inline aluminium housing for flange mounting applications. The DC motor and solid state controls of the PLUTO are ideal for automated high volume/ high duty applications. KBL brushless screwdrivers are also available in /FN version.Flange and telescopic spindle available together or separately.

PLUTO20CA and PLUTO35CA screwdrivers are available in SR version: with start and reverse buttons on the aluminium body.

IMPORTANT: Continuous use over 80% of torque range is not recommended.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • Aluminum body for easy and quick clamp
  • Special wiring for specific use with SG controllers with remote start and reverse and torque signal.

All models suppled with:

  • 2.5m cable with plug for controller.

Please be aware you need an appropriate Kolver control unit to be able to power the torque driver.

General Attributes

Model MITO15CA

Technical Attributes

Controller EDU2AE
Torque Nm 0.35-1.50
RPM Max 850
RPM Min 450
Output Hex 1/4

Physical Attributes

Dimensions mm 191x33
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£970.00 (£1,164.00 inc VAT)
Kolver MITO15CA Inline, remote start, 450-850 RPM (When used with standard EDU2AE)