The T210 Nitrogen Precision Iron allows creating an inert atmosphere, removing the oxygen, and hence minimizing oxidizing effect during solder joint formation.

The result is a higher soldering quality with improved wetting and slightly better productivity. It also allows using milder fluxes.

It works with C210 Cartridges and comes with the B6647 Nozzle to transport the nitrogen to the tip.

This Soldering Iron requires using the DN-SE Stand, a Nitrogen Flow Regulator and its corresponding Control Unit (MN-A for DI or MNE-A for DDE or DME) and the GN-A Nitrogen Generator if no nitrogen supply available at customers bench

Qualities and Characteristics

  • Precision purpose 
  • T210-NA works with cartridges range C210
  •  B6647 Nozzle included
  • Perfect for accuracy soldering jobs with medium power requirements.
  • Able to work with conventional or small SMD, even under a microscope.
  • Ergonomy and the short distance tip-to-grip ensure greater accuracy and comfort.
  • ESD Safe

Product Contains

  • 1 T210-NA Nitrogen Precision Handle (cartridge not included)
  • 1 B6647 Nozzle N1 for T210-NA Handle

Technical Attributes

Cable Length 1.5m


ESD Safe
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