JBC DPM is the perfect accessory for precision solder paste dispensing for reworking the smallest components. It replaces the JBC DPM-A.

Thanks to its design, the finger-contact point is very close to the point of application. In addition, DPM ensures a smooth feed of the solder paste and the application of a precise dosage for small and difficult-to-access components.

This type of dispenser is ideal for soldering multi-pin SMD components with hot air.

DPM is compatible with a large variety of needles and tips for the highest dispensing precision. It can use 3cc or 5cc capacity syringe barrels.

Qualities and Characteristics

  • Ergonomic
  • Ideal for SMT rework
  • Can use 3cc or 5cc capacity syringe barrels

Product Contains

  • 1 DPM Manual Solder Paste Dispenser
  • 1 SB03CC 3cc Syringe Barrel
  • 1 SB05CC 5cc Syringe Barrel


General Attributes

Model DPM
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