Why is Fume Extraction Important?

We highlight why fume extraction is important and how it can help create a safe working environment.

What are fumes and fume extraction? 

Fumes are gas or vapour that is dangerous to inhale and can often smell strongly. They occur in various industries, including electronics, mechanical engineering, lasers, 3D printing, medical, pharmaceutical, dental, beauty, and many more. A fume extraction unit or system uses a fan to pull and extract fumes and particulates into a filtration system. Therefore, cleaning the air of harmful fumes, chemicals and particulates create a safe working environment

Why is having a fume extraction unit or system important?

Every year workers in the United Kingdom contract lung disease or asthma as they have breathed in too much dust, fumes or air particulates. For example, fumes from soldering with lead or flux that contains rosin. As a result, it is important individuals and companies have properly designed, maintained, and operated local exhaust ventilation (LEV). An LEV such as a fume extraction unit or system extracts fumes and particulates into a filtration system ensuring a safe working environment. 

The need for fume extraction is becoming more prominent in the UK as the Health and Safety Executive, a UK government agency states: 

Health and safety law says you must assess the risks to your workers from hazardous substances – dust, fumes, vapours, etc. - and decide what measures to use to protect their health.

If the measures you adopt include extraction systems (LEV) to remove the dust, fumes, vapours etc. produced by your work processes or activities, then you must maintain the LEV in efficient working order so it continues to provide the necessary protection. You should also have a periodic thorough examination and test (at least every 14 months) and must keep this record for at least 5 years. In addition, you should have information on the installed LEV system to confirm it provides adequate protection, which should be kept for the life of the equipment.” Source: HSE

What should you look for when purchasing a Fume Extraction System? 

The first thing you should consider when deciding what fume extraction unit or system works best for you is considering the environment you’re working in, and what fumes are being emitted. This will help you decide what type of fume extraction unit or system you require. For instance, whether you require a fume extraction system with a hood, hose, arm, or a partial enclosure. Secondly, ensure you buy a reputable brand that is of high quality and one where replacement filters and parts are actively available. Lastly, buy from a supplier who has expertise in the industry as they can help advise, commission, and maintain with a thorough examination of your fume extraction unit or system. 

What brand do we recommend and why? 

We recommend BOFA International as the go-to fume extraction brand.  BOFA International was founded in 1987 and continues to lead the way in the development of innovative fume extraction systems. Their products are manufactured to the highest standard and are built to last. Also, they offer a wide range of fume extraction systems to accommodate a diverse array of industries. One of our favourite fume extraction products is the BOFA V250 Fume Extraction kit which comes with an installation kit and is ideal for soldering applications. With their head office being in Poole, England, support is readily available. They readily offer a range of filters and accessories that allow you to ensure that the fume extraction unit or system is well maintained.

Why buy Fume Extraction equipment from V Tech SMT? 

V Tech SMT has fully qualified engineers across the country who can do site visits and advise what fume extraction product would be the best for your application. In this way, we can offer organisations cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet their needs. Furthermore, we offer ongoing support to maintain, service and record fume extraction units or systems every 13 months. This follows UK Health and Safety law that it should be done every 14 months. Our experience within the industry and our well-established relationship with BOFA International make us the go-to place for fume extraction equipment. 

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