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Gas Dusters and Circuit Refrigerants

Chemtronics® dusters are microscopically clean, oil and moisture free sources of "canned air" developed for applications where safe, ultra-pure cleaning is required. Compact and portable, Chemtronics dusters deliver powerful jet action to instantly remove particles from even the most inaccessible areas. Ultrajet® Dusters economize solvent usage by removing layers of dry particulate allowing the solvent to work immediately on encrusted soils. Ultrajet® Dusters also accelerate surface drying when using slow evaporating cleaners to remove damaging oil and residue.

Chemtronics® Freeze Sprays are exceptionally pure, nonflammable, and provide instantaneous freezing action while leaving no residue. Conveniently packaged and designed for pinpoint component application, these non-reactive circuit refrigerants vaporize instantly while cooling targeted areas.

They are used to:

  • Test for and locate thermal intermittent components and systems
  • Provide heat sink protection for heat sensitive components during soldering and desoldering
  • Perform low temperature testing of prototype circuitry and electromechanical systems
  • Locate hairline cracks in stressed traces of PC board
  • Freeze adhesives for quick removal

Chemtronics® Freeze Sprays are available in regular and antistatic formulations for use on static-sensitive components.

Chemtronics freeze sprays:

  • Rapidly cool an area to -51°C
  • Are non-abrasive, safe on plastics and other sensitive surfaces
  • Are nonflammable
  • Evaporate quickly
  • Leave no residue

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Our Price Excluding VAT  12.25
ES1617E Regular Duster x 400ml.

Our Price Excluding VAT  16.30

ES1520E Ultrajet Duster x 400ml


Our Price Excluding VAT  16.45
ES1551E Freez-It Anistat Freeze Spray x 400ml

Our Price Excluding VAT  145.20
ES1550E Freez-It Freeze Spray x 400ml (Box 12)
1-4 of 4 items
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