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Why use a Loctite® Retaining Compound?

Loctite® Retaining Compounds secure bearings, bushes and cylindrical parts into housings or

onto shafts. They achieve maximum load transmission capability and uniform stress distribution and eliminate fretting corrosion. Applied as a liquid, they form 100 % contact between mating metal surfaces, eliminating the need for expensive replacement parts, time consuming machining or the use of mechanical methods.

Loctite® Retaining Compounds fill the inner space between components and cure to form a

strong precision assembly. Loctite® Retaining Compounds are much superior to conventional

assembly methods:

• Pins, key/keyway assemblies: Have uneven distribution of mass, an imbalance that can lead to vibration at high speeds

• Splines: They cause high stresses due to the "notch effect" that occurs. High machining costs. Backlash between drive and over rum.

• Clamp rings, press fits, shrink fits, and taper fits: They rely on friction alone to transmit torque, therefore they are limited by material, surfaces and design. Close tolerances are needed to obtain specific load capacities, leading to higher production costs. Interference fitting creates stresses in the components that can lead to failure, particularly when combined with operational stresses.

• Welding and soldering: Only compatible metals can be joined, the parts can be distorted by the high temperatures required. Heating of the material can lead to residual stresses and structural degradation and distortion. Disassembly can also be difficult or impossible.

Advantages of Loctite® Retaining Compounds as compared to conventional assembly methods:

• High-strength products can carry high loads

• Fill all voids to prevent corrosion and fretting

• 100 % contact – load and stress is distributed evenly over the joint

Advantages of Loctite Retaining Compounds in combination with shrink fits or press fits:

• Higher load transmission and performance with existing design and geometry solutions

• Equal performance by lower interference / lighter construction

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Loctite 638 high strength, general purpose retainer
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